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Over the 20 years of business and horse ownership, many of the Clydesdales that have passed through our barn doors have made a lasting impression.  Here is a tribute to those who have moved on in purpose, in the world, or into the next one.

Resting, Retired, and Rehomed


Cosmo  crossed the rainbow bridge in March, 2020.  Pictured here with his owner Phil,  "Little Brother" as he was known on the farm, was one of the great ones.  His heart was huge and he loved his job! His personality is sadly missed around here.  

Scotty was born in 1992.  He is retired but still enjoys his days on the farm.  He is a great babysitter/ teacher for the young Clydes on the farm.  In his work days, he was the proud and steadfast leader of the team.

What girl doesn't want a pony for her birthday?  Meet "Red".  Red joined the farm in July, 2016.   He is about 25 years old.  He enjoys his days in the sun with Nick and Thatcher.   


We lost Storm in 2012.  She was an original cornerstone of the business developing into the farm we have today.  She was a Boss Mare (aren't they all) who would take on any job single handedly - even if she had an entire team of geldings behind her.  


Although they're not Clydesdales, Triscuit the cow and Lucy the Jack Russel deserve their space here.  They are very missed by the humans they partnered with.

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