After 20 years in the business, our team ranges in age from young and learning, through golden years of retirement. Each of our Clydesdales has an individual personality, which naturally creates his or her place in the team.

Meet Our Team Of Clydesdales 


Cosmo, born in 2005, joined our farm in 2010. He drives on the right side and his teammate is Kramer. Friendly and affectionate, Cosmo has a very goofy personality. He likes the attention work brings and that makes him a great workhorse who loves his job.


Kramer, also born in 2005, joined us at the same time as Cosmo. He was purchased as Cosmo's teammate and his personality balances Cosmo's; he's all business, level headed and smart. He will try anything we ask and he makes a great leader.

Carl was born in 2007 and purchased in the spring of 2011. Carl is sweet and steady and always aims to please. He loves his time outside in the pasture, but is becoming comfortable in the show ring along with the big boys.


Ritz was purchased by Mallory Hayes as an addition to the team in 2014.  When it comes to mellow work, he and Carl make a great team.  But when competing he is learning to be

a great leader with Kramer. Born in 2008, he can learn a lot from his "big brothers."

At 24 years old, Scott is our oldest, steadiest and most reliable Clyde. He knows his job and exactly how to do it. After many years of great service, he is in retirement. He enjoys his days in the pastures and take pleasure in his well-deserved days of rest.


Our newest member on the farm is Levi. Levi was purchased in April, 2019 at the National Clydesdales Sale by Katy and Jay Ford.  He is quite a show  horse and is finding his place in the hitch.  He enjoys his days in the field with Nick and Thatcher but would rather be spoiled by Katy! 


Nick joined the farm in December, 2015.  The next spring, he was purchased by Casey Morrison and remained here as an important team member.  Nick came to us as a riding horse but has learned his place in the hitch. He spends his leisure time with his fiends Levi and Thatcher but enjoys his work time paired with Cosmo.  


What girl doesn't want a pony for her birthday?  Meet "Red".  Red joined the farm in July, 2016.   He is about 19 years old.  He enjoys his days in the sun with Scotty.  We bought a new harness for Red, so his training will begin soon.  Look for Red during parades, either leading or following his biggest brothers.  


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